You’re very welcome to visit my studio during these 2024 art exhibitions:

KUNSTRONDE Vecht en Plassen; open atelierroute

  • zaterdag 11 en zondag 12 mei van 11:00 – 17:30 uur
  • De Oude School, Kortenhoefsedijk 145, Kortenhoef
  • kijk voor meer informatie op

In mijn atelier hangen originele schilderijen en illustraties, o.a. portretten en tekeningen van de modeltekenavonden. En illustraties uit mijn thema-schetsboeken, zoals het apenschetsboek, het vogelboek en de 365-dagen tekenchallenge. In de kaartenmolen staat een mooie collectie wenskaarten. Bezoekers jong en oud kunnen zelf aan de slag met een kleurplaat! Koop een kado voor jezelf of iemand anders (zondag is moederdag ;-)) en kom kennismaken in het atelier als je benieuwd bent naar het volgen van een workshop.


GROEPSTENTOONSTELLING modeltekenvereniging Hamdorff

In het weekend van 6 en 7 april vindt een mooie overzichtstentoonstelling plaats in De Oude School in Kortenhoef!
Circa 30 leden van onze modeltekenvereniging Hamdorff hebben ieder twee werken hangen; een vrij werk en een werk dat gemaakt is tijdens de live modeltekenavonden. Leuk als je langskomt!

Openingstijden: 10.30 – 17.00 uur

Adres: Kortenhoefsedijk 145, Kortenhoef

Kijk voor meer informatie hier: Hamdorff modeltekenen

You’re probably familiar with the Inktober challenge? Inktober is a month long art challenge to create an ink drawing every day for the month of October. In 2019 I decided to participated, and the theme which came to mind was SPACE. I had recently found a wonderful book with lots of interesting space images… the mix of complex machinery, astronauts and celestial objects is so appealing to the imagination!

Week 1: ready for take off! The materials I used were black indian ink (diluted with some water), nib pen, no.12 water colour brush and an A5 size Stillman & Birn sketchbook (Zeta series). This paper is really nice and thick, so there’s almost no bleeding of ink through the pages. However, next time I will try the Beta series (or another water color sketchbook) which probably absorbs the ink better, when painting a large surface like black sky.

My goal for Inktober was getting to know the material ink better… I already loved the black line quality of ink, but hadn’t experimented much with ink.

The first week was all about getting to know complex space machines, with their strange details, antennas and other accessories. For me that’s often the first step in a new project: drawing by reference, and getting to know the subject.

Week 2: who’s out there? Introducing E.T, the Extra Terrestrial… the start of imaging some space characters, and their fictional modes of transportation. Really fun to do!

ideeHB inktober space machine

Week 3: daily life: … aliens need to live somewhere, don’t they? And do they go to college?

ideeHB inktober space apartment
inktober space MIT university

The final week: this was the week to combine things and just draw whatever came to mind. The alien space crafts were still flying around, which can lead to a traffic jam – on busy days that is.

inktober space air works ahead

Also aliens need to stay fit – just like humans- at Planet Fitness.

inktober space planet fitness

After some last drawings by reference, the final page was reserved for the school photographer, to preserve those nice memories!

inktober space goonhilly downs

inktober space little stars preschool

How I look back on Inktober? It was really fun to do, and drawing every day with ink really helped to get to know the material better! For example the fact that you can only continue to darker tones, and not go back to lighter tones… a big difference with for example acrylic paint or gouache. And drawing with washed ink is formative for art skills in colour too, because light/dark contrast and composition are key elements in any illustration.
Thinking of joining Inktober this year? Try selecting a personal subject of interest, which is real helpful to stay focused. The ideas for the 31 drawings came quite naturally, evolving from more realistic to fantasy drawings.
Check out my Instagram account if you’d like to see more work in progress, and thanks for taking the time to read this blog!